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Nursing Home Abuse Accusations at Crest View Nursing Home

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In June, a nursing home aide was accused of abusing her patients at the Crest View Nursing Home in New Lisbon, Wisconsin. Ginger S. Newlun, 50, was arrested for abuse where she works as a caretaker. Newlun started her first set of trials last week for the accusations of patient abuse and aggravated battery, both felony charges. In the beginning of June, a staff member of the home contacted the police, expressed concerns of inappropriate contact with patients and that it may have been consistent basis. Newlun’s alleged victim, Marion A. Nelson, 86, claims that she pulls her hair among other acts.

There are also accusations that Newlun would spit into her patients face and squeeze her fingers very hard in order to control her. This however, wasn’t the only complaint, one patient claims that when she threatened to call her husband about the abuse, Newlun responded saying that she had sex with the husband and now he is dead because he had too much fun. Nursing assistants eventually sent in a complaint to the police stating that fear kept them from reporting Ginger Newlun earlier; testifying that she was very intimidating. Other reports of abuse include her threatening to break fingers, ignoring needs to use the restroom and also hair pulling.

Multiple nurses claimed that they saw this horrendous and inappropriate behavior occurring though they failed to report it, one nurse shares that she tried to ignore the hair pulling until the moment she heard a patient cry out in pain. At that moment, she knew it was something that she couldn’t ignore any longer. Ginger Newlun faces her next court appearance in September. 

Nursing home abuse is something that is becoming more common today; don’t let someone you love be a victim any longer! Contact Lanier Law Group, P.A. for the aggressive representation that your loved one deserves for what they are being put through; we want to fight for you!

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