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Teen Survives 3-Foot Spear Impalement in Florida

A Florida teen is still in the hospital but is making progress in his recovery from impalement with a 3-foot spear. The massive weapon was shot through his head, piercing his brain and coming all the way out the other side of his skull. The gruesome accident occurred when his friend was over, and the two were preparing to go fishing. Somehow, the friend thrust the spear back, hitting and slicing through the victim’s head. The injury caused trauma to the right half of the teen’s brain, but his speech was unaffected.

ABC News says that he will probably always have issues with the left side of his body. He also has no memory of the incident, and doctors say that he probably will never recall the incident. However, his long-term memory is still intact. The neurosurgeon who saved the young boy says that they were able to unscrew the tip of the spear so that they didn’t have to drag the entire weapon back through his brain. The spear missed every major blood vessel in the cranium, a fact that the doctor's consider a miraculous feat.

In this case, the person who inflicted the wound could have avoided it by just being more careful. If you have ever been hurt or injured by another person’s negligent or foolish action, then you are permitted to litigate. You can obtain damages that will cover expensive medical bills, the lost wages from recovery, and any other costs that are associated with the injury. With compensation, you will be able to afford a luxurious recovery.

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