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Maria Menounos Opens Up About Medical Sexual Abuse

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A lot of people hate going to the doctor, and Dancing with the Stars' Maria Menounos is no exception. Yet she may have a more legitimate reason for abhorring the doctors' office than most. According to ABC News, Menounos told the press that she has been sexually abused by two separate doctors when going into the hospital for examinations. Her first run in with a sexually inappropriate doctor occurred when she was told to change into a hospital gown.

She was at the doctor to have a sore throat checked out, but upon his insistence, she changed. The physician took advantage of her and began touching her inappropriately in the examination room. Menuonos says that she felt so uncomfortable that she started screaming for her boyfriend, who was in the waiting room. Her boyfriend later told her to press charges, but because of her celebrity status, Menounos didn't want to make the situation into something public.

She decided to keep the incident private. In a separate instance, the beautiful celebrity went to another doctor for a gynecological exam. Menounos said her doctor complimented her belly button piercing and then began playing with it while he talked to her. It is still not certain whether or not Menounos desires to press charges against these doctors, but the situations certainly reek of medical malpractice. Doctors who sexually abuse their patients are a threat to society and are not reliable.

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