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North Carolina Bus Company Faces Lawsuit for Injuries

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A bus company which operates in North Carolina is now involved in a significant personal injury lawsuit after passengers were injured in a crash. According to one source, the bus crashed in Caroline County, Virginia. Allegedly, the driver fell asleep at the wheel, causing the vehicle to veer off the road. 4 people died in the tragic occurrence and at least 50 were sent to the hospital for injuries.

The lawsuit is filed against the bus company, Sky Express, as well as the driver and Ivy Media Corp, which does business at This popular website advertises and allows customers to purchase bus tickets to various locations, and is the mode that the plaintiff took to purchase her ticket for that horrible ride.

The main plaintiff, Shirley M. Dai, claims that Sky Express failed to provide the drowsy bus driver with adequate resting time for the overnight trip. Therefore, she believes that they should face charges for being negligent in the case. A dispatcher says that the driver told the company that he was too tired to make the overnight trip, but they demanded that he go anyway. Sky Express declared that all the civil matters on the case would be handled by their insurance agency.

While denies any wrongdoing in the case, the complaint alleges that the website and bus company operated as a joint enterprise and were therefore both responsible for the collision. says that they advertise for an abundance of different companies, so they don’t believed that they need to be involved. Federal agents have since closed down Sky Express for violating a variety of federal statutes, and the driver faces criminal charges.

If you have ever been in a bus accident like this and believe that you should be compensated for your losses, then you should pursue a lawsuit against the person at fault. You will need a competent Wilmington injury attorney to help you with the case if you want to succeed, so talk to someone at the Lanier Law Group today!

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