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Protecting Children from Violence

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that more than 1,700 died from child abuse or neglect in 2008 alone. 80 percent of these tragic deaths occurred in children that were under 4-years-old. Tragically, almost 5,500 young people were murdered in that year, an average of 15 kids a day. This means that youth violence is the second leading cause of death. There are many different variations of child violence, ranging from parental abuse to date violence to sexual abuse. The maltreatment of children is both physically and emotionally damaging. As well, the costs of health care, child welfare, and future loss of productivity and earnings add up to about $124 billion each year. That is money that the U.S. loses in their efforts to right the wrongs of violence towards children.

The CDC is working very hard to show the public the serious toll that violence has on our country. In high-risk communities, the organization has even helped centers to be built and funded so that they can act as a refuge against children who were abused in some way. Injury Centers are focusing on young people’s dating relationships, which can often go awry because of their immaturity. They have even put out curriculum that teach 11-14 year-olds the proper way to go about dating someone. Children who grow up in violent surroundings will also be more prone to be violent themselves in the future. This can become a problem later on in life, when they have their own children or interact with young people and are abusive just as they were abused when they were young.

If your child was abused by a teacher, a family friend, or a spouse, then you should press both criminal charges and personal injury damages. Your young ones deserve compensation for any medical bills and the emotional damages that come with the way that they have been treated.