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Woman Attacked by Alligator will not Receive Justice

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Gwyneth Williams, an elderly woman who had been watching over her daughter's house on Skidaway Island, was brutally attacked and partially eaten by an alligator when she went for a walk along the property of the gated community late one night. The Landings—the property on which William's daughter lives—had incorporated an interconnected system of 151 lagoons throughout the community, some of which contained alligators. There were no signs posted to warn the residents of the dangers that the alligators posed, but The Landings alleges that the information had been posted on their website and in community publications.

While watching her daughter's house, Williams had decided to take a walk around the property behind the house—which included a gold course and a park-like common area bordering a lagoon. Around 6 p.m. witnesses said that, they had heard screams coming from the vicinity of Lagoon No. 15. When they arrived, Williams' right foot and both of her arms had been bitten off, and the injuries had proven to be fatal. Later, an eight-foot alligator in Lagoon No. 15 was found with parts of her body its stomach. Member of her family decided to file a premises liability lawsuit against the property owners, claiming that they were liable for William's death.

The claim has since been dismissed, however, when the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that "Williams had equal knowledge of the threat of alligators within the community," and that she "knew the alligators were dangerous, yet still chose to walk at night near a lagoon where she knew wild alligators were present." Because of this ruling, the property owners will not be held responsible for the unfortunate death of Gwyneth Williams. Determining responsibility for an accident such as this can be tricky in some personal injury claims, but if you have been injured in a dangerous premises liability, it is your right to pursue a claim against any responsible parties.

Although Williams' family was not able to receive justice for this horrific accident, if you have a valid claim, you should not hesitate to take action. At Lanier Law Group, a knowledgeable attorney can help you to understand the scope of the law concerning your claim, and can discern whether or not you have a lawful claim to pursue. It may be difficult in some cases to prove that the negligence of a property owner was the cause of an injury or even a death—as was the case for Williams—but qualified legal assistance can look at the facts of your case and determine the probability of a successful resolution. For more information about premises liability law and making a personal injury claim, contact a Charlotte personal injury attorney today.

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