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Drunk Driver Leaves Bicyclist in Critical Condition

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A drunk driver left a bicyclist in critical condition in the state of North Carolina. Police have since arrested the driver but it is uncertain whether the bicyclist will recover from his extensive injuries. The victim, 30-year-old J.D.P., was riding his bicycle with a friend last week in the designated lane for bikers. He was struck by S.T.G., 29, who was driving his pickup truck at an estimated 55 MPH. The victim was not wearing a helmet while on his bike and he suffered serious head injuries as a result.

Police say that a second accident ensued when another vehicle ran into the bicycle left in the roadway. Following the collision, the suspect was arrested and charged with drunk driving. As for the victim, he remains in critical condition at a hospital in Winston-Salem. The second cyclist told police that they were traveling across country by bike from California.

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