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Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Atlanta

No matter where you are located, there is never any telling what types of harms you may be susceptible to. This is true in every city, state, and country; and a recent lawsuit filed by an Atlanta father who is grieving the loss of his son has proven that this is even true within the school setting. According to reports, administrators of the Fulton County school system are being sued by a father whose 18-year-old special needs son recently passed away. The claims made against the school district shed light on the mistreatment that ultimately led to loss of life for one special needs student of the county's school.

The lawsuit that has been brought against the county school system claims that a teacher of the 18-year old required him to wear a neck brace, which was not medically made, but fabricated by the young man's instructor. Apparently, the brace was intended to sustain the student's neck in a position that would allow him to look at her without deviation. However, what the brace actually did was restrict the teenager's airway every time he wore it. The special needs student was hospitalized as a result, and the restriction caused by the homemade neck brace ultimately led to his death.

A claim of this nature is one that will naturally involve a personal injury lawyer. Oftentimes, a professional can help represent the grieving family members who are suffering from the loss of a wrongful death case such as the one described above. The incident goes to show that there is truly no avoiding the reckless behaviors and careless mistakes of another, as even a special needs student could not receive the proper care he needed to main healthy living while in the school setting. If you have recently suffered the loss of someone you love due to the negligent or reckless behaviors of another then you should not hesitate to seek a legal professional for help.

At the Lanier Law Group, P.A., a North Carolina personal injury lawyer can go to work for you. Wrongful death claims are serious and need to be handled with the proper care and attention deserving of such serious cases. At the Lanier firm, we handle every case in this way, paying no less attention to one than the other and devoting 100% of our legal skills to helping our clients obtain the maximum recovery for any type of injury or fatality accident from which they may be suffering. With more than ten office locations throughout the state of North Carolina, we are more than prepared to meet your needs wherever you may be so do not hesitate to contact a North Carolina wrongful death attorney from our firm today.