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FBI Called in to Investigate Shooting Death

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into the death of a teenage girl that may have been a hate crime. Four months ago the victim, 16-year-old J.T., was killed while visiting with her friend in Columbus County. The victim was standing with her friend and her friend's godmother in the front yard of a residence when a gun fired out of nowhere. The bullet struck all three women, killing the teenager and wounding the godmother and the other teenage girl. When police arrived at the scene, they went to the home across from where the women had been standing. The homeowner at the residence told police that his rifle had fired without him actually pulling the trigger. He asserted the gunfire was accidental.

Although the police did detain the neighbor for future questioning, he was released later that day without any charges. The FBI is joining the investigation to determine whether the incident was actually a hate crime or an accident as the neighbor claimed.

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