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Fatalities at the Georgia Dome

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

According to the Atlanta Journal, Isaac Grub, a spokesperson for Lenoir City, Tennessee fell over 45 feet from an upper deck where he was watching the game at Georgia Dome. It is said that he was watching the football game between Tennessee University and North Carolina State when she he from that fatal height. What concerns the public, however, is how long it took for the medical response to arrive to the scene.

While some witnesses are claiming that medical attention as there in moments, others are claiming that it appeared to be as long as 15 minutes before someone arrived on the scene to help the 20 year old. One football fan claims that it appeared as though the victim was doing a fist pump because their team scored a touchdown, and at that moment, he fell over the edge to his death. While the police are investigating his blood alcohol content levels, because they believed him to be under the influence as a minor, there is still no excuse for the safety of football game viewers to be put at risk while at such great heights.

Unfortunately, Isaac Grub was not the only death last week, another man in Houston fell 60 feet off an escalator at a stadium during a preseason football game, and this man was not reported to be under the influence. As you can see there is a safety concern to be had at these large stadiums, and perhaps if they were better monitored, lives could have been spared.

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