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Tips for Avoiding a Motorcycle Accident in North Carolina

If you ride a motorcycle, then you know something most drivers of passengers cars don't — the thrill of the open road below your feet and flow of the wind around you. Yet driving a motorcycle isn't all fun and games. As a rider, you face many perils. Before you hit the road again, consider the following safety tips:

  • Make sure your bike is comfortable: Before you bought your bike, you probably sat on it and got a sense of how the vehicle felt under your weight. This is something you should do each and every time before you put the key in the ignition. If your motorcycle feels "off" for any reason, you may want to have a trusted mechanic give it a once over.
  • Wear a helmet: In North Carolina, all riders are required by law to wear a helmet. If your helmet is uncomfortable or restricts your vision, you should look into buying a new one that complies with state law.
  • Beware of potholes: Potholes, cracked pavement and other road defects can be disastrous for riders. When possible, try to avoid certain roads or routes that you know are in need of repair. Prior to traveling on a new road, you may want to search the Internet for information on its condition.
  • Never linger in blind spots: When riding, you should never hang out in another driver's blind spot for more than a moment. While a minor collision between passenger cars may result in little more than some scratches and dents, slight contact between a car and motorcycle can result in injury or death for the rider.

If you suffer injury in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligent or reckless actions of someone else, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney today.