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Reporting Unsafe Bus Drivers Just Got Easier

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Twelve people were recently injured when a Greenville, NC city transit bus crashed into a convertible on January 8, 2013. The accident occurred when a driver of a Chrysler Sebring convertible turned right on red, cutting off the bus; the driver of the car was charged with failure to yield the right of way. The injured bus passengers were taken to Vidant Medical Center; fortunately, none sustained life-threatening injuries.

While this particular case was clearly one where the driver of the car was at fault, bus accidents are unfortunately all too common due to unsafe bus drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration reports that in 2008, the latest year for which data is available, some 24,000 people were injured in bus accidents nationwide. The administration is now trying to make it easier for passengers to report unsafe drivers. They have released an updated version of their reporting service, which allows passengers to report details of unsafe drivers. Drivers with poor records may ultimately be reviewed for possible revocation of their licenses.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus crash, you may be able to recover damages from the bus company and from the bus driver. The bus company has an interest in trying to minimize their liability, and will try to get you to sign away your rights before you have the opportunity to speak with an attorney. It is important that you do not sign anything until you speak with a qualified personal injury attorney who can help you to protect your rights.

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