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Woman Steals Sperm

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

A Louisiana man has filed suit against a sperm bank because he claims their clinic gave two vials of his sperm to an ex-girlfriend who then used the sperm to impregnate herself. The man's attorney said the child’s paternity has been proven. The boy is now two years old.

The man claims he made the sperm donation specifically for another woman with whom he already has a 12-year-old child. He claims that his ex-girlfriend walked into the sperm bank and “bluffed” her way into receiving vials of his sperm. The man said the sperm bank handed his ex-girlfriend the sperm in a brown paper bag and she walked to a doctor's office in the same building and was inseminated.

The ex-girlfriend has filed a countersuit in which she claims the man told her she could use his sperm to be inseminated and become pregnant. She also claims he was aware of her insemination.

Most states recognize the woman’s alleged actions as a crime. Although the alleged theft of the sperm may be a crime, the man will likely have to pay child support because the best interest of the child

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