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When Best Friends Go Bad: Pit Bulls

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

Search the Internet for pit bull and you will find headline after headline about serious pit bull attacks somewhere in the United States.

The problem of pit bull attacks is serious and there is no clear answer. Consider these general facts from the American Humane Society about dog bites:

  • Most dogs involved in fatal dog attacks are male and more than 90 percent are unaltered
  • Many victims know the dogs that bite them, and attacks often occur on or near their property
  • About 800,000 dog bites per year require medical attention

These facts tell us about the prevalence of dog bites but do not say much about the dog in the news — mostly pit bulls, terriers or mixes. While many owners vouch for the safety of their dogs, attacks by these animals bear disturbing similarities, including:

  • Unprovoked, relentless attack
  • Attacks that permanently injure and kill humans of all ages and sizes
  • Sudden violent behavior from a dog that had not previously shown aggressive behavior

With the North Carolina one-bite rule, your neighborhood pit bull mix may not be considered a dangerous dog until it injures a toddler  or takes on the Federal Express delivery person. In California, Farmers Insurance no longer provides homeowners insurance to owners of pit bull, Rottweiler or wolf hybrid dogs. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a specific city ordinance requires leash, fencing and kennels for pit bull–type dogs.

The advice to stand still and look the other way is not going to help if a pit bull is ready to charge. If attacked, feed it your coat, your purse or any other item you have at your immediate disposal and climb a tree or on top of a car. Our firm goes after owners of dangerous dogs and other dogs that bite. If you are injured, speak with us.

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