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Sandusky Case Causes Charlotte Area Sexual Abuse Victims to Come Forward in Previously-Unreported Cases

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After the heavily reported conviction of Jerry Sandusky, victims of sexual abuse in Charlotte and across the United States started coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse from their own childhoods. The publicity from the Sandusky case encouraged others to break their silence for a number of reasons. Many victims felt the need to protect others from abuse through their testimony.

For others, the pain that resurfaced after watching the barrage of media coverage virtually required them to obtain closure that might help them heal. However, even successful criminal prosecution cannot compensate North Carolina and other victims for the financial costs of treatment for their emotional damages. They need skilled legal support from a sexual abuse lawyer to hold abusers financially responsible.

A July 30, 2012 story at reported that the Sandusky case prompted victims nationwide to name alleged abusers for situations dating back as many as 25 years. The article says the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network, based in Washington D.C., experienced a 50 percent increase in calls for help after the November Sandusky arrest. This phenomenon illustrates the long-term effects these cases can have on victims of sexual abuse.

Children may experience feelings of shame or even blame themselves for predatory sexual attacks – particularly when their abusers are teachers, coaches, clergy members or anyone with power. But since North Carolina has no statute of limitations on criminal cases involving the sexual abuse of children, even adults can bring charges against the abusers from their childhood. Many victims may not realize that an experienced North Carolina sexual abuse attorney can often assist them in pursuing compensation from their abusers that can help pay the expenses for therapy that can help them heal.

For both adults and children, no amount of monetary compensation can truly compensate victims for the damages caused by sexual abuse. However, a skilled and compassionate sexual abuse lawyer from Lanier Law Group, P.A. can help victims hold their abusers financially responsible for years of pain and suffering, mental anguish and the costs of medical and psychological treatment.

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