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Shopping Cart Falls Cause Injuries and Fatalities to Children

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

Shopping carts and active children do not mix unless parents act responsibly, and stores provide proper restraints. Anyone whose children sustain injuries from a shopping cart fall can unfairly face charges of parental negligence by stores that are in fact liable for the incident. This is why parents in North Carolina need to consult with an experienced premises liability attorney with the skills and resources to conduct a thorough investigation.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC), U.S. hospital emergency rooms treat thousands of children each year for injuries sustained from shopping cart falls – among the leading causes of head injuries to young children. While parents can contribute to these accidents by attempting to use infant car seats in the cart or failing to make use of available shopping cart child restraint systems, stores often provide carts without restraint systems or fail to maintain existing restraints to ensure children cannot easily unbuckle a belt or wiggle out of it.

To file a premises liability claim in North Carolina involving injuries a child sustains while riding in a shopping cart, parents need to provide substantial proof of negligence on the part of the store. Naturally, after any accident pertaining to your child, focus first on seeking immediate medical attention. If possible, capture photos of the cart and its restraint system, if any, along with the injuries sustained by your child. Although the store may require you to provide your name and contact information, avoid discussing the accident in any detail. And, as soon as possible after the accident, seek experienced legal support to discuss your case.

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