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The Three Main Types of Product Liability Claims

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Product liability law is a type of negligence law created to address the unique ways that we encounter and are injured by products. Under this area of law, there are three main types of claims. These include defectively manufactured products, defectively designed products and products that lack proper warnings. 

Defectively manufactured products are ones that do not behave the way they were intended to. In other words, something went wrong in the manufacturing of these products where they deviated from their intended design. These defects are generally unique to the specific products, which are often referred to as “lemons.” 

Unlike defectively manufactured products, defectively designed ones are products that were flawed right from inception. This means that the product design was defective and therefore all of the products created from this design are defective. When you hear about a product recall, it generally involves a defectively designed product, as this defect affects a massive number of products, not just a handful. 

Finally, the third type of product liability claim involves a failure to warn. Many products come with warning labels that instruct the consumer on how to properly use the product as well warn about potential dangers. For instance, a toaster might include a label that warns about the risk of shock if the product gets wet. Occasionally a product will lack what someone alleges are proper warning and this can give rise to a product liability claim. 

For further information and guidance on product liability and how you might move forward with a claim, consult a dedicated North Carolina personal injury attorney with Lanier Law Group, P.A. 

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