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Should You Use a Granny Cam?

Low staff-to-patient ratios, poor care and complaints are common in nursing facilities in our state. If you have a loved one in long-term care, should you use a granny cam? 

Using video surveillance to protect a family member became popular when concerned parents installed cameras to record the interaction between babysitters and their children. Video surveillance at businesses everywhere catches and often deters illegal or unseemly behavior. “Granny cams” at home or at nursing homes and other healthcare facilities are no different. 

In the United States, residents of Medicare- or Medicaid-approved facilities have important rights, including: 

  • Respectful treatment
  • Opportunity to participate in residential activities
  • Freedom from abuse or neglect of any kind
  • Appropriate medical care
  • Opportunity for residents and their representatives to be informed of decisions about care and other matters
  • Freedom from chemical, physical and other restraints as disciplinary measures 

Recent cases in the news give tragic evidence of the abuse taking place in facilities throughout the United States. To date, three states, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, have legislatively authorized use of video surveillance in care facilities. 

In other states, camera use remains controversial. Nursing home operators point to the difficulty of hiring staff members who are comfortable with constant surveillance. But concerned families want to ensure that their loved ones are receiving proper care, or at least not suffering abuse. 

While the need for video surveillance is a sad statement about eldercare in the United States, video cameras are becoming ubiquitous. If you have concerns about your loved one being harmed by negligence in a North Carolina nursing facility, speak with a skilled injury attorney.