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Nest Smoke Alarms Recalled

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Manufacturers of Nest smoke alarms ceased selling their popular smoke alarms recently due to safety concerns.

So-called smart devices are spreading throughout our culture and into our homes. Nest Labs, manufacturer of Nest Protect smoke alarms, discovered their device might be a little too smart.

Nest Labs offers home automation products that allow consumers to understand and regulate services in their home up-close and at a distance. The popular Nest Thermostat uses smart technology to learn the schedules and patterns of homeowners, automatically adjusting itself after a learning cycle.

Among the advantages of Nest Protect devices, the device warns homeowners in a human voice when smoke or carbon monoxide are detected. It also allows users to wave a hand underneath the device to shut it off, instead of climbing up and taking the batteries out.

It was this feature that caused the company to suspend the use and sales of its smoke alarm. In May, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) weighed in with a recall of the devices. Details include:

  • Testing revealed the smoke alarm can be disabled by physical activity near the unit during a fire. This puts consumers at risk in the event of a house fire.
  • Approximately 440,000 of the devices were purchased at Home Depot, Best Buy and Amazon between November 2013 and April 2014.

In late May, Health Canada recalled approximately 31,000 Nest smoke alarms purchased in Canada.

Wireless communication between smart devices can be time and life-saving. For the Nest smoke alarm, the wireless communication between a moving hand and a smoke alarm could shut the device down when it is needed most.

If injured by a defective smoke alarm or other product in North Carolina, speak with a skilled injury attorney for advice.

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