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Federal Rating Systems Do Not Always Tell the Full Story about North Carolina Nursing Homes

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

Although Medicare provides rankings from one to five stars to help families select high-quality residential care for their loved ones, the ratings should not be the sole basis for these vital decisions. Recent reports indicate the ratings do not present an accurate picture of the conditions within many Medicare-funded North Carolina nursing homes. Regardless of the ratings of a nursing home, families need to remain vigilant to ensure the well-being of their loved ones. At the first signs of possible issues, a North Carolina nursing home negligence attorney can provide needed advice and support.

On November 8, 2012, ABC News reported the results of their investigation of nursing homes in the largest central North Carolina counties. They found that close to 50 percent of the nursing homes provided poor service. The ABC News investigation found that nearly half of the nursing homes paid with Medicare money fell below the average inspection rating for health, staffing and quality. However, a significant lag time between incidents and reporting makes the Medicare website an unreliable source of information for those seeking care for their loved ones.

To help prevent loved ones from nursing home negligence in North Carolina, families need to conduct thorough research by making unscheduled visits to facilities under consideration and obtaining referrals from trusted friends and family members whenever possible. Moreover, even after a loved one moves to a nursing home, family members need to remain continuously vigilant for signs of neglect and abuse. Even in a high-quality facility, anyone can suffer abuse from certain staff members or even other residents.

If your loved one falls victim to any form of nursing home negligence, from malnutrition to bed sores, you need to take immediate action to ensure your loved one remains safe – and you may have the right to pursue compensation. The attorneys at Lanier Law Group, P.A. are committed to providing our clients with high-quality legal service, personal attention and representation. We always conduct ourselves with the best interests of our clients in mind, and we work hard on every case to help our clients recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Call us at (855) 757-4204 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help.

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