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North Carolina Assisted Living Facility Fined $64,000

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

As we discussed recently, it can be difficult to know if a loved one is receiving proper care at a North Carolina nursing facility. Recent headlines add to that uncertainty.

In November, the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulations fined an assisted living facility in Shallotte $64,000 for failing to remedy serious deficiencies reported by inspectors and residents.

Earlier this year, Shallotte Assisted Living Community was the subject of inspections that allegedly found the facility did not protect residents from physical and mental abuse. While the executive director of the facility, David Goldston, called the investigations a waste of taxpayer money, inspectors said they found the following conditions on the premises:

  • A resident who smoked had cigarette burns on her body and clothing.
  • There was no follow-up on reports of inappropriate sexual touching.
  • Patients with serious medical conditions did not receive needed medication over a period of days.
  • A resident with difficulty swallowing was fed in a reclined position.
  • One resident of the facility menaced and threatened other residents. Action was not taken even after residents of the facility complained and marijuana was confiscated from the resident.

Because earlier violations were not remedied, fines for the facility were increased to $64,000, according to the state. Commenting on the fine, Goldston said his business would appeal the fine, a process that could take several years, adding, “That's why we have good attorneys.”

Determining what type of facility a loved one needs can be difficult. Getting legal help if your loved one is abused is not. If you have questions about abuse in an assisted living or nursing home environment, speak with an experienced injury attorney in North Carolina.

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