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Bridge in North Carolina Has Seen Nearly 100 Truck Accidents

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In Durham, North Carolina, there is an old bridge constructed more than 100 years ago, an era with very few clearance regulations. But within the last several years, there have been numerous issues with tractor-trailers attempting to drive under it and hitting the underside with the tops of their trailers, essentially getting “scalped” in the process.

The space under the bridge has only 10 feet eight inches of clearance, and there is plenty of warning in the form of a bright yellow crash bar, flashing lights and yellow signs — yet none of these warnings seem to deter truck drivers intent on getting to the other side of the bridge.

Truck accidents at the site of the bridge have become so common in the last seven years that one local man has made it turn viral, keeping a camera at the site and filming the accidents to put them on his YouTube page. As of July 9, there have been 95 truck crashes at the bridge since 2008 alone. One can only guess how many crashes there have been at the site overall.

Government agencies have tried several solutions without much success. The railroad on top of the bridge means lifting it would be extremely difficult, and a sewer line that runs underneath the road limits the amount of space there is to dig down. There are records of Durham legislators and state agencies trying to figure out how to solve the problem since the 1950s. Some believe the problem has become even worse in recent years because drivers are following digital GPS devices and failing to pay attention to road signs.

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