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Winston-Salem Worker Killed in Construction Accident

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According to police in Winston-Salem, a worker died after being injured in a construction accident on Tuesday, July 7. Members of the Winston-Salem police and fire departments say they responded to the report of the accident, which occurred at a building site at 525 Vine St.

The worker was a 65-year-old man from Chester, South Carolina who was found dead at the scene by the time responders arrived. Officials from the Innovation Quarter said the man was a subcontractor, and the accident occurred at the 60-series buildings. While details have not been released about exactly how the accident happened, it appeared a cherry picker was somehow involved.

The accident was officially classified as a workplace death, and the North Carolina Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division launched a full investigation. Police officials reassured citizens it was an isolated incident and there were no additional hazards to anyone else in the area.

Common injuries at construction sites

Falls are perhaps the most common type of accident at construction sites, and they can cause devastating injuries, including severe back and spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain conditions. There are many safety regulations in place within the construction industry to help prevent such falls from occurring, including safety harness laws, but there are still far too many of these types of accidents occurring nationwide.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction-related accident, speak with a skilled North Carolina workplace accident attorney at Lanier Law Group for legal representation.

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