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Legal Concerns Impacting North Carolina Bicycle Riders

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Bike riding is one of the most popular outdoor sports and activities in America. However, because bicyclists often share public roadways with other vehicles, it is important that all bicyclists are aware of the dangers and legal concerns affecting them.

First, bicyclists should understand that bikes are governed by the same rules of the road as motorists. You can still get a ticket for failing to obey certain rules, such as stopping at stop signs and traffic lights, yielding to vehicles that have the right of way, using reflectors at night and more. Just as with an automobile, you have the right to contest your tickets in court.

Accidents involving bicycles tend to cause much more severe injuries to the bicyclist because of the lack of protection that they have. The most common types of accidents are accidents at intersections. Drivers turning left may not yield to bikes, because they either don’t see them coming or don’t realize that the same right-of-way laws apply to bicyclists and automobiles alike. Drivers turning right might not expect to see a bicyclist coming up in their blind spot, and make a turn without adequately looking back to check.

Other accidents might not involve any collision between the bicyclist and motorist at all — the bicyclist could be swerving to avoid contact and end up crashing as a result.

Finally, bike accidents can also be caused by defects, just like car accidents. Common defects include poorly designed bikes, defective wheels or tires, defective chains and more. In these cases, the bike manufacturer or distributor is likely to be a defendant in a personal injury case.

For more information about bike accidents and other legal concerns affecting riders, contact the experienced North Carolina injury attorneys at Lanier Law Group.

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