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Leak at Train Station Caused Serious Injuries to New York Woman

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A 29-year-old New York woman who claims she fell and injured herself due to water falling from above an escalator at a train station is suing the city. The civil lawsuit following recent complaints about frequent dripping at the station that no one with the city or the transportation authority has taken action to remedy. The attorney for the woman stated that people had been tweeting directly to the Transport Authority’s Twitter handle complaining of the water leaks for over a month before the woman slipped and was injured.

The woman was on a trip back from sightseeing with her mother when they decided to visit the station to ride up the highest and longest escalator in the subway system. Although it was not raining, they were getting soaked as they rode the escalator from the lower mezzanine level to the upper floor. While they were on the escalator, the woman and her mother slipped and fell down several sets of steps. The woman suffered ligament damage which required her to walk with the aid of crutches for several weeks before being placed in a protective boot to walk.

Although a Transportation Authority spokesman said he could not comment on pending litigation, he did say that this is the first incident of an injury reported since the water leaks became an issue.

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