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Texas Woman Awarded $695,000 for Dog Attack

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

A jury has awarded $695,000.00 to a Texas woman who suffered “permanent and disfiguring injuries” following an attack by her neighbor’s blue heeler. The dog has a history of biting people and is believed to have been trained by its owner to attack people.

The lawsuit claims that on day of the attack the woman was walking in her neighborhood when the dog “ran out from an open gate” and viciously attacked her. The dog caused “severe vascular damage” that caused chronic swelling, severe scars in the shape of the dog’s mouth and pain which prevented the woman from being able to walk long distances as she did prior to the attack.

The lawsuit alleged that the dog owners did not “exercise ordinary care by selfishly allowing their vicious dog to escape their yard and terrorize people in the neighborhood.”

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