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What Is the Statute of Limitation for Child Sexual Abuse?

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Whether you or someone you love suffers from child sexual abuse, recognizing your legal rights is of the utmost importance. There are statutes of limitations to worry about regarding how long you have to file your lawsuit in civil cases. However, you should know that it is much different than other civil law cases.

Statutes of limitations put a time limit on how long a person has before they can file a lawsuit against someone who causes them harm. Child sexual abuse cases are much different, though, and they follow their own statutes.

Child Sexual Abuse Case Timelines

The statute of limitations for child sexual abuse cases is 10 years, but the timer only starts once the survivor turns 18 This means that no matter at what age the person suffered from abuse, they will have until they turn 28 years old to file a lawsuit against their abuser.

The SAFE Child Act helps aid in providing the extended statute of limitation to protect people who endure child sexual abuse and don’t come forward until they are older.

If someone was initially barred from filing a lawsuit because of the statute of limitations, they are granted two years to start a lawsuit under the SAFE Child Act.

Felony Child Sexual Abuse Cases

On the criminal side of the law, prosecutors have two years to take action against someone accused of misdemeanor child sexual assault. However, for felony cases, there’s no statute of limitations. Prosecutors can pursue legal action against a felony child sexual abuse offender no matter how long after the incident.

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