All Nursing Homes Aren’t the Same

Your mother decided to move south to Mooresville after your father passed away. She wanted to be near you and her grandchildren and to get away from the harsh winters up north.  Aside from the normal adjustment after a significant move, things were going well until she fell and injured her hip. You work full time and you can’t be there all of the time to care for her needs. Where can you turn for help?

Under the Department of Health and Human Services, the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation provides for the health, safety and well-being of individuals through effective regulatory and remedial activities…

The Nursing Home Licensure and Certification Section licenses nursing homes to operate in the state. After the owner completes the initial steps to apply for a license to run a nursing home, the section staff:

  • Reviews the home's policies and procedures, staff training and systems to ensure compliance with all regulations
  • Licenses some homes as "combination homes" that have both adult care beds and nursing home beds
  • Conducts an inspection to determine if the home meets federal rules when the owner has applied for payment through Medicare and Medicaid
  • Notifies the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and grants a certificate when all federal standards are met
  • Conducts routine inspections in nursing homes that receive payment through Medicare and Medicaid every 9 to 15 months
  • Investigates complaints filed against a facility and documents problems for correction by the facility staff

Even with these protections in place, abuse and patient neglect still occur. If your loved one becomes a victim, take action by calling a North Carolina lawyer experienced in nursing home negligence. The attorney can investigate the facility and the level of care it provides.

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