Amtrak Train Collides with Vehicle on Tracks in North Carolina

An accident between an Amtrak train and a tractor-trailer in North Carolina recently caused injuries to 55 people. The truck had stopped on the tracks at a railroad crossing, and the collision caused a baggage car and locomotive to derail.

According to representatives from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, there were 213 total people on the train, which was traveling to New Jersey from Charlotte. The accident occurred in Halifax County. An amateur video taken of the crash shows the truck sitting on the tracks, and the train plowing right through it before finally decelerating to a stop.

A spokesman from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol said that the driver of the tractor-trailer had attempted to make a left turn, but misjudged the amount of space he needed, so he backed up over the tracks to try again. At the time of the accident, a state trooper was trying to get cars to back up so that the driver could try the turn again.

Information released in the days following the crash revealed that the driver of the truck has a history of traffic violations and is also a convicted felon. It’s unknown whether an error on his part played any role in the incident, however.

The accident comes just over a month after a major train accident that occurred at an intersection in New York, and once again highlights the safety concerns that many people have about railroad crossings. Some advocates have suggested that vehicles should be made to stop farther away from crossings, or that there should be more warning time when trains are approaching.

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