Deputy Shoots and Kills Dog after Attack

Posted on Sep 29, 2010 8:50am PDT

In Clearwater, Florida, news sources report that a police officer from Pinellas County had to shoot a dog after it attacked a woman and acted aggressively towards Animal Control officials.

According to reports, Marilyn Boada-Penney, who works for the Sheriff's office, was off-duty when she saw a black chow mix running toward U.S. 19.  She said she was trying to help move the dog toward the Animal Control officials when it bit her on her right wrist.

When the officials tried to capture the dog, it started to growl and spurted toward the officer. That's when a nearby deputy shot and killed the canine.

Following the dog bite incident, Boada-Penney was treated for the bite and police say the dog's remains are being tested for rabies.

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