Estate of Man Pushed Out of Window Seeks Damages in Wrongful-Death Lawsuit

The estate of an Oklahoma man who was killed after being pushed into a 25th-floor window in 2011 is suing the owner of the building, management company and glass company who installed the window for damages, alleging the glass of window failed causing the man to fall to his death.

The man died after his then-pregnant wife, pushed him into a large glass window of their apartment known as a glass curtain wall that measures 45 ½ inches tall and 51 ½ inches wide. His wife has now been convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison. The lawsuit claims that the man was “pushed, tripped and/or stumbled” into a large glass window and “upon contact with the window, the glass predictably failed” and the man fell through and “died as a result of the injuries from the fall.”

The first claim of the lawsuit contends that the building owner and management company had a duty to keep the property safe or warn tenants of any hidden dangers and they failed to eliminate a dangerous or unsafe condition on the property. The lawsuit contents that the building owner and management company should have been aware of the unsafe window.

The second claim of the lawsuit states the glass company who installed the window, “failed in their duty by installing inadequate glass and in failing to properly maintain and repair existing windows and glass structures.”

The third claim contends that the man’s death was a result of the installation of a defective product.

The lawsuit seeks damages for medical and burial expenses, economic loss, grief, anxiety, mental pain and anguish, loss of companionship and loss of anticipated services suffered by the man’s surviving heirs against each defendant. The suit also seeks an additional award for punitive damages against each defendant.


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