Family Gets $20 Million Verdict for Wrongful Death Claim

Posted on Dec 7, 2010 1:45pm PST

A Pennsylvania appeals court has upheld a $20 million verdict in a wrongful death suit. The case centers around a liposuction that was filed as medical malpractice. A panel of judges from the Pennsylvania Superior Court upheld the decision of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas despite issues brought up by the plastic surgeon in question, Richard P. Glunk.

Glunk, along with his nurse Edward J. Destefano, were named in a wrongful death suit by the family of Amy Fledderman. The 18-year-old passed away as a result of complications from a surgery that was performed on her in 2001. A portion of the award, $15 million, was for punitive damages alone.

Another $2 million was for emotional distress for her mother. She was forced to stand by for over two hours while the plastic surgeon refused to send Amy to the hospital.

Records also show that the clinic was not properly licensed at that time.

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