Jury Finds in Favor of Plaintiffs in Nursing Home Negligence Case

Posted on Nov 5, 2010 4:50pm PDT

A jury took one day to deliberate in the trial of a long-time resident of Retama Manor in a case of nursing home negligence. They found that the nursing home staff was responsible for the severe bedsores that eventually led to the patient's death. It was discovered that the home had purposefully understaffed its wards in an effort to maximize profits, leaving as many as 60 patients to be attended on by just a single nurse. This is the perfect scenario for medical conditions like bedsores to thrive in.

The patient in particular was finally brought to a local emergency room where it doctor's found that two bedsores had rotted all the way down to the bone.

His estate was granted $60,000 in damages for mental anguish, medical bills, pain and suffering by the jury. However, due to the arbitrary damage cap law in effect in that state, the amount awarded is likely to be much smaller. In addition to the financial settlement, the victim's daughter spoke out about her hope to educate others, saying "We just didn't want him to be a statistic. We needed to bring attention to the problems out there."

If you or someone you love has been a victim of nursing home negligence, contact our practice to speak with a North Carolina personal injury attorney.

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