Lawsuit Filed After Blind Pedestrian Gets Hit By Bus

Posted on Apr 2, 2010 4:45pm PDT

After being hit by a city bus while crossing a crosswalk, a blind man has filed a pedestrian accident lawsuit against the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART). In his lawsuit, Roger D. Christenson claims the driver of the bus, Susan Jane Leveke-Meyers, had worked an "unsafe number of hours," failed to follow basic safety protocol, and was not properly trained.

Christenson claims he had the right-of-way as he crossed an intersection in a crosswalk with the "walk signal" showing. As he was crossing he was hit by a DART bus being driven by Leveke-Meyers. He claims DART should be liable for his injuries "given what it knew concerning [Leveke-Meyers'] lack of competence, and given its conduct in encouraging or compelling Susan Jane Leveke-Meyers to work an unsafe number of hours in the bus" prior to the accident. DART spokesman Gunnar Olson acknowledged that Leveke-Meyers had made an error and said he hopes the agency can reach an agreement with Christenson.

Christenson, who claims he suffered two broken ribs and a head injury in the accident, wants to be compensated for his medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses.

At this time a lawsuit has not been filed against Leveke-Meyers, however she was fired by DART shortly after the accident.

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