Man Buried Alive at Construction Site

Posted on Dec 23, 2010 6:25pm PST

Tragedy struck on a construction site in York County, PA this week when a man was buried alive.

Jory Raber III, 20, was discovered to have been buried alive on a construction site in the 700 block of Old Trail Road near the Newberry Commons Shopping Center. Rescue crews worked around the clock to free him; however, after 12 hours buried underground, Raber had perished while trapped. When rescue crews were finally able to reach his body, they then transported it to the morgue at York Hospital.

He was not alone in his entrapment, however, as another man was trapped up to his waste in dirt. The two had been working in a fifteen to twenty foot trench before the accident occured. The other man's identity has not yet been released to the public. However, we do know that he was flown to the Hershey Medical Center after being freed.

The investigation of this accident is far from over as officials from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are scheduled to arrive soon.

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