Medical Malpractice Suit Dropped After Doctor Treats Juror

Posted on Dec 30, 2010 3:05pm PST

Luckily, for one doctor in Arkansas his medical malpractice suit was dropped when he treated an ill juror in front of the other jurors. Dr. Stephen Eichert was being sued by Christina Renee Chaffin for supposedly not informing her of the possible risks of her back surgery.

Due to his reported negligence, Chaffin needed to have two additional surgeries, which led to lost time at work and follow-up visits. She is asking for $75,000 to cover her medical costs in addition to an undetermined amount for suffering, pain, mental and emotional anguish.

Since the medical malpractice trial was interrupted by the ill juror, Chassin's attorneys asked the judge for a mistrial. Eichert's attorneys quickly agreed to one.

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