Mother Files Wrongful Death Suit After Son Dies in Hotel Explosion

Posted on Mar 8, 2010 10:30am PST

A little more than a year after her son was killed in an explosion at a hotel, a mother has filed a lawsuit against both the hotel and a plumbing company.

Michael Walden was killed when the gas broiler at the Mercury Motel in Nashville blew up. Walden was an employee of the hotel who was checking on a gas leak when the broiler exploded.

Walden's mother, Charlotte McGuire, claims that Holt Plumbing Company is responsible for the explosion that killed her son. In her lawsuit, she says that the plumbing company did a poor job repairing the broiler. An employee for the company allegedly removed a piece from the broiler at the Mercury Hotel in order to repair a broiler in a neighboring hotel, the Drake Motel. The fix didn't work and the company left without properly reconnecting the gas lines, which caused gas to start leaking. Walden was checking on that leak when the broiler exploded.

In addition to Holt Plumbing Company, McGuire has also filed a lawsuit against the Drake Motel and Piedmont Natural Gas. She claims the utility company failed to respond to reports of a gas leak quickly enough.

In total, McGuire is seeking $15 million in damages.

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