Quality of Care at Wilmington Nursing Home is Questionable

Posted on Jan 29, 2010 5:30am PST

WWAY NewsChannel 3 investigated claims that Glencare of Wilmington, an assisted living facility, has been providing substandard care. Here is what they found:

The staff failed to provide adequate supervision to residents with dementia and special needs in the Special Care Unit. The Department of Social Services (DSS) was informed of two separate incidents in which a resident sexually assaulted two other residents. Both incidents were witnessed by staff members. The resident's record says he met with a psychiatrist three times in 2008, but the psychiatrist claims that Glencare never told him about the resident's sexual tendencies. The psychiatrist said if he had known what the resident was doing he could have prescribed medication to suppress his sexual urges.

The report also says a resident care coordinator didn't file a report about one of the incidents because she didn't think it qualified as an incident, based on the fact she didn't see any evidence of an assault. She concluded that nothing happened and failed to send the resident who was assaulted to the doctor. However, Glencare's policy on non-consensual sexual activity states that if evidence exists that sexual behavior occurred, even if it wasn't witnessed, the victim must be sent to the emergency room and a doctor must be notified immediately. The administrator is then responsible for notifying the DSS. Not only did staff members witness the acts, but DSS says that doctors were kept in the dark a large majority of the time.

Other violations? The DSS says staff members regularly failed to document medicine distribution, and that the facility hired people who had been flagged for neglecting a patient at other facilities.

All three of these incidents are considered Type A violations, which DSS defines as violations that can result in the injury, harm, or death of a resident-the worse violation on the books.

Even though 23 complaints were made against the facility last year and eight complaints have been made this year, Glencare still has a 3-star rating on the North Carolina Health Services Adult Care Home Rating website, which was the highest rating a nursing home could receive until the system changed to a four-star rating system this year. A possible reason for such a high rating? The rating is based on a one-day inspection, so if the facility passes the inspection on that particular day, it gets a high rating until the next inspection.

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