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Sexual abuse can happen to anyone anywhere, including the workplace. With the help of an aggressive Fayetteville lawyer, you can file a civil claim against your abuser to win compensation for the pain and suffering you endured.

Lanier Law Group, P.A. has extensive experience representing victims of sexual abuse. We are prepared to handle the most challenging cases. Visit our office and tell your story to one of our compassionate attorneys.

Types of sexual abuse

Sexual abuse appears in many forms in North Carolina. Not all cases of sexual abuse involve a physical sexual assault. Some involve more subtle behavior. Here are some of the types of sexual abuse our Greensboro lawyers have handled:

  • Harassment: Sexual harassment need not be blatant for you to have a case. If a coworker, doctor, cleric or anyone else makes inappropriate sexual advances toward you, seek legal assistance from skilled Raleigh attorneys as soon as possible.
  • Fondling and inappropriate touching: If someone has touched you in an intimate area or in a sexual way, do not shrug off the incident. You may be the victim of sexual abuse.
  • Assault: Sexual assault is a felony. The acts that constitute sexual assault in North Carolina include:
    • Sex with a child younger than 13.
    • Sex by force, threat or display of a deadly weapon.
    • Sex in which the victim is seriously injured.

Sexual abuse is a serious matter. It can cause psychological trauma that can affect your life for many years. Our dedicated Raleigh lawyers at Lanier Law Group, P.A. will fight diligently to get you the rightful compensation you may deserve.

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