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“Very professional, competent, helpful and friendly. I am very grateful that Brenda assisted and clearly explained the process to me. Brenda also informed me of other staff members who would be working with me. Vidal and Angie were equally helpful and provided very professional and caring service.” P.S.

“Angie was amazing! Angie always answered my questions and was very compassionate and easy to work with.” R.E.

“Brenda was awesome and always positive!” S.T.

“I was totally impressed with Jonathan, because he did not back down. I will recommend this firm to anyone that needs help. Thanks to all!” W.E.

“Everyone who I have had the privilege to talk with was very professional. Explaining to me throughout the process was excellent. Thanks a lot! Pleasure doing business with Lanier Attorney Office.” K.R.

“I have had dealings with previous law firms and this one is the best! I am 100% satisfied and grateful! Thank you.” V.L.

“I did not have to call much, but every time I did, I was helped quickly! Brenda has been instrumental in the process. Each meeting was explained in detail and handled very professionally.” T.W.

“They explained everything perfectly and go everything handled in a timely manner. This is the second time with Lanier and they are still my go-to law firm. I would definitely return to them in the future!” C.J.

“Nicole was very professional and made sure I received all the information needed and made me feel comfortable with everything going on in my case.” D.A.

“Brandi was very knowledgeable and was able to explain everything to me!” A.F.

“Todd and Tammy took the time to listen and return my calls. They went the extra mile!” R.F.

“Mariah and Brenda kept in touch with me throughout the whole process. Brenda would always call back every time I called and could not reach her. Mariah and Brenda were very professional.” M.K.

“Tonya, Amy and Brandi were great and had awesome attitudes!” B.B.

“I had an excellent experience with Maria, Brandi, Patty and Tonya. Excellent customer service, very professional and knowledgeable about everything!” J.B.

“Amy is pleasant and quick to respond to questions and concerns.” A.P.

“Everyone has been wonderful throughout the process!” E.S.

“Tammy has treated me very respectful and always contacted me when I was not sure with the outcome of my case. Continue to show care and appreciation!” C.F.

“Always called back promptly and answered all of my questions. Vidal and Brenda were very professional and explained things well!” P.W.

“Vidal was great, and very professional the entire process!” J.E.

“Angie has done a great job at connecting, understanding, and explaining the what, how and why questions I asked. This law group is lucky to have her!” D.D.

“Informed me of every decision every step of the way. Worked very hard to get me more money. Brenda was very nice, compassionate and caring. I would recommend this law firm to everyone!” C.J.

“Amy was very polite and took her time to explain everything to me until I fully understood the procedures.” M.W.

“Maria, the paralegal was excellent and kept me informed. My attorney was tremendous, and I am very pleased how things turned out! W.B.

“Friendly staff!” T.W.

“Amy was very nice, helpful and pleasant.” A.U.

“Everyone was polite and courteous. Brenda answered all my questions and concerns.” G.E.

“Brenda answered all my questions and helped me understand my lawsuit.” R.H.

“I will definitely use this company again!” T.S.

“Maria was prompt, respectful and kept me informed.” M.W.

“I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone for your time in getting my claim resolved. You are the BEST!!” C.J.

“Shay, Tisha and Ellen are extremely professional.” P.L.

“David and his staff are very helpful and they are not scared to take chances” I.V.

“Everyone was very professional with me.” M.R.S.

“Maria was very good at answering my questions and was prompt to return calls and emails.” P.M.

“Bryan was very attentive and excited to assist.” P.M.

“My experience at Lanier Law Group was excellent.” G.A.

“Marianne could not be better and I am completely satisfied with how she handled my case.” S.C.

“Marianne and Amy were extremely professional and informative. I noticed a very speedy atmosphere” D.C.

“Rachelle took her time to help me understand my case and she answered every single question I had.” G.M.

“Samantha was very helpful and David was great with handling my case”. A.D.W.

“David and Nashunta were very personable. David explained everything to me and Nashunta helped communicate and coordinate. Maria responded timely to emails”. J.F.

“Brenda was very helpful.” S.G.

“Brenda was prompt and good with everything.” S.H.

“David was up front and honest, which I appreciated. He would answer when I called and/or would call me back. I trust that he had my best interest in mind.” K.M.

“Rachelle did a good job at explaining things and kept me informed as my case developed.” A.D.

“Maria was always present and polite” K.W.

“All the staff were thorough, polite and professional.” K.W.

“Brenda was excellent thorough and knowledgeable. I was totally satisfied with the advisement and kindness of the staff” C.E.

“Brenda was AWESOME and she was excellent at managing my case” T.C.

“I am thankful Angie helped my mother. She and her staff did an excellent job.” R.B.

“David did a wonderful job at explaining all the details of my case” N.J.

“It was always pleasant to talk to Brenda on the phone” L.T.

“David and Brenda returned my calls promptly.” L.T.

“The Lanier Law Group team always kept me posted.’ H.J.

“Fernando, Jason and Angel demonstrated professionalism. They answered every question I had and explained the whole process to me. Thanks so much to everyone that worked on my case.” D.C.

“Maria informed me on everything that was going on when I called and everyone worked hard in my favor. Thank you!” J.U.

“Ellen and Brandi were very knowledgeable, efficient, courteous and kind.” M.M.

“Happy with the work Todd and Angel put into my case.” E.H.

“My experience overall with Lanier Law Group was very good.” S.M.

“Jonathan is awesome and is a blessing from God. Everything was perfect.” D.V.

“My experience with the Lanier Law Group team was excellent.” R.R.G.

“Maria was very informative and was always up to date with my case. Everything was awesome; I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.” K.C.

“Brenda was Awesome!” J.B.

“Maria stayed on top of everything with updates, etc.” J.M.

“Very good communication throughout my case. Brenda paid great attention to my case and kept me up to date.” T.P.

“Brenda and Maria are awesome!” K.W.

“Shea, Ellen and Todd were great!” T.D.

“Maria and Brenda were always available for any questions and were quick to respond to my emails.” M.J.

“Brenda always made me feel great about my accident. All the staff has been great. I will recommend this firm to all my family and friends!” C.A.

“Both attorneys involved were very informative and walked me through my case every setp of the way. They answered any questions and concerns I had whenever they cam up. I was very nervous and skeptical at the beginning but that quickly changed.” J.B.

“Reuben has been very helpful in responding to my emails and answering my questions. He made everything very clear and was very kind. He was excellent!” E.V.

“She was very professional, kept me completely involved and updated with everything. Awesome job done.” T.D.

“Ms. Tammi and Mr. Todd King took very good care of me. They were always a phone call away for me to ask anything at anytime. I will always use this company again.” M.P.

“Fernando and Natasha were extremely polite, well-versed and answered every one of my annoying questions.” M.D.

“A great group to work with. You guys are the best. Thanks!” D.C.

“A straight forward process with a successful outcome. Todd and Tammi were excellent!” N.R.

“Mrs. Brenda was excellent. Every phone call, email went exactly how she described the services to be in the initial consultation. She helped me tremendously even on portions of it that I did not quite understand. She’s great!” J.H.

“Everyone I dealt with was great, especially Lynn and Tammi. I dealt with them the most. Michael was great when he was my attorney and Todd was also an amazing help once he took over my case.” K.F.

“Everyone was nice and polite and cared about what happened and what I was going through. They don’t need to improve anything. It was great!” L.S.

“Overall excellent service. Maria and Brenda were excellent!” S.B.

“Everything was great!” R.O.

“Thank you all very much. You all were very helpful.” E.C.

“Mandy is a very hardworking, respectful and nice person. My experience with her was excellent. I want to thank Don and her for all their hard work.” S.J.

“Amy was great. Stayed on top of the situation. Was always helpful in regards to questions. Was always available to reach via phone. Felt as if she had my best interest at hand. I truly felt that everyone within the law group did an outstanding job and I would recommend them to friends.” J.S.

“I know that Natasha cared about my case and worked hard to contact insurance/workman’s comp that did not promptly respond. I felt that Natasha and Lanier Law had my best interest at heart.” L.S.

“Angela and Tammi are both really nice! They also make you feel more like friends instead of a client.” W.W.

“All staff is very kind. Yahaira is excellent and very kind and passionate about her job.” A.C.

“Blanchee is a good worker and explained everything really well.” M.C.

“All staff was helpful and polite.” K.J.

“Jason and Amy were both very cooperative and patient.” K.S.

“Everything was perfect!” D.V.

“Everyone I spoke with was very professional and attentive.” B.R.

“Shea always returned my calls in a timely manner and answered any and all questions. There is nothing I would change!” B.P.

“Nancy always kept me informed and made sure I was updated and understood and answered all my questions so that I would have a clear understanding. I was referred to Lanier Law and I will be referring others if need be in the future. Thanks so much everyone!” V.J.

“I have no other words for David Mason and Jason Moody other than fabulous and professional. Wonderful staff to work with!” M.Q.

“I was very emotional at the beginning of my case and Maria always made me feel comfortable and reassured me she was working in my favor. Please continue to keep passionate people handling cases like mine. Thank you!” C.B.

“Maria is an excellent worker. She returns my calls in a timely manner and she helped me through my tough time. I’m glad I chose to come here. Keep up the good work!” D.M.

“My experience was great. Maria stayed in contact with me and also made this experience very welcoming. Everything was done perfect!” E. B.

“I had a great experience with Todd. H kept me informed throughout the whole process.” S.W.

“I absolutely love Todd and Ellen. They were very kind and always answered my questions even when they sounded crazy. Todd and Ellen felt like family.” A.S.

“Maria and Brenda were both there when I called or emailed. They responded quickly. They both explained the process in detail.” S.S.

“Natasha was good with communication and service to the client.” R.R.

“Amy Williams is very polite, very patient, nice personality and friendly.” G.B.

“Amy was very friendly and helpful through this.” K.B.

“Todd and Jessica were very kind and patient with me. My case was handled very well” T.C.

“My experience was very good. I was kept informed and my case was handles clearly and precisely.” C.C.

“Team was very professional and complete.” J.E.

“Brandy worked very hard and kept me informed. She did so good! Kevin was extremely helpful. I couldn’t have done this without them and Lanier Law Group.” P.B.

“Brenda has really helped me with getting through the process of waiting by providing friendly service, educating me with accurate information about my case and showing sympathy for my current situation. She really made me feel comfortable with going forward with my case.” A.M.

“Nice people and everything went good from day one.” M.L.

“Kevin was very helpful and he took his time to explain things in great detail. I really enjoyed him being my attorney!” J.V.

“All employees treated me great. Thank you for all the attention I received from all of you!” R.M.

“Brenda was awesome! She kept me up to date throughout my case and was very easy to work with.” K.S.

“In all actuality, Lanier Law Group’s services were great!” D.B.

“Brenda and her team were excellent as they covered all of my needs to reach a fair settlement.” K.S.

“Natasha and Jason were very helpful and kept in touch with me and kept me posted of anything I needed to get done.” L.B.

“Todd was very good, understanding and helpful.” T.D.

“The adjusters were candid, frank and congenial. I trusted their advice. Closing was quick and painless.” B.M.

“Brenda & Brandy were very professional through this long process. Brandy answered questions and when asked gave updates in a timely manner. She was also very patient with her explanations. I can’t think of a thing I would change about how my case was handled.” G.O.

“Angela went above and beyond helping to answer all questions.” A.H.

“Blanchee is a very nice people person. She always greets her clients with a smile.” G.P.

“Jason is a great guy and very helpful.” R.B.

“Shea & Michelle were very helpful. They tried their best to settle all items associated with the case. Keep up the good work!!!” T.W.

“Brandy kept me informed the entire time. I can’t think of a thing to change.” T.C.

“All staff was amazing. They were always available to answer my every question dealing with my case. Excellent service.” B.B.

“Brenda and Brandy were always available when I needed them. Prompt responses when they were not immediately available.” G.P.

“Shea and Lanier Law Group were great! Nationwide Insurance, not so much.” A.R.

“Shelley and Nancy always followed up with me. Wonderful experience! Keep up the good work!” M.A.

“Our attorney was very informative and efficient. Very pleased with all efforts made on my behalf. He was very professional. I really appreciate all efforts made by all staff that handled my case. Thank you all very much.” S.B.

“Maria and Brenda worked hard for me. They care about their clients.” C.H.

“We contacted Lanier and they got back to us very fast! They informed us of the process and were never more than a phone call away. Extremely pleasant staff. Would recommend!” J.P.

“Shea was great. Always going the extra mile to help me.” E.B.

“From the initial visit to now, Brenda has explained the procedures of how the claim would go. Brandy informed me along the way of various issues that had to be completed. Everything was handled great!” D.F.

“Excellent service. Thank you!” M.H.

“Tammy was a very helpful person in this law firm. She helped me in a mighty great way. Very caring and thoughtful. She is very good in what she does. Josh was very good and talked with me about everything. He listened to me and did good by me. Nancy is also great.” R.M.

“Everyone was great and did an excellent job of helping me with my case! They did everything they could.” M.D.

“Christy, Chris and Don were all excellent. They were personable and kind. They very clearly explained everything. Love them!” M.A.

“Our attorney was great on keeping me up to date on things. All together, he was a real nice man.” C.P.

“Brenda was wonderful! She and the entire staff have treated me with respect and understanding with an enormous amount of patience. Keep doing what you do!” B.N.

“Excellent staff they have. Everyone was very nice, helpful and understanding of my accident. Thanks to all!” L.J.

“Christy was very helpful through the whole process.” A.D.

“Our attorney is very courteous, respectful and professional. He is a great attorney and I would use his services again.” T.B.

“My experience has been great! I was notified at all times of any progress that was made. Everyone as very courteous.” – J.F.

“Angela Ebert always responded to my calls or emails in a timely manner.” – T.S.

“Shea was very helpful. She called back and kept me updated about everything.” –  C.B.

“Parker was excellent at explaining what the next step was and advising me. This was definitely a different kind of case and weird situation so I appreciated the guidance.”  – E.V.

“Maria was very good at customer service and accuracy and consistency. Chelsea was very nice and professional.” – Z.S.

“Maria and Brenda were excellent in handling the details of our case. It was minimal stress on us which we appreciate a lot. Will definitely share the experience with others. Thanks!” – R.S.

“Everything was taken care of to a great extent.” – J.L.

“Brenda and Brandy were always available when needed. Prompt responses when not immediately available.” – G.P.

“Brenda and Brandy were very knowledgeable and friendly.” – M.H.

“Shea was the first person I came in contact with here. She was very friendly and very professional.” – T.S.

“Shelley is wonderful and always kind.” – B.B.

“Working with Brenda and Maria was great and they were very professional. Overall I believe my experience was good. They did the best they could based on what they had to work with.” – J.G.

“Brandy, Brenda and Sela were a pleasure to work with. Fast and efficient and very helpful. Thank you. Keep up the great work!” – B.M.

“Everyone at this firm has been so kind through my accident. I am so grateful to have witnessed such kindness. Lisa Lanier should be proud of them all.” – M.W.

“Ms. Turner was very professional and helped me every step of the way. Thank you. They’re top of the line and an excellent firm with great staff.” – V.L.

“Don is a great person and very dependable. Christy was great with information. Chris worked great and was very patient. I am very pleased!” – K.S.

“Angela Ebert and staff were very knowledgeable and kept me informed of all the details related to my case.” – S.B.

“Nancy would explain fully every aspect of the case and would answer any question thoroughly. I appreciate the services! Lanier Law Group did great!” – J.N.

“Maria was very helpful when I had questions.” – R.C.

“Chelsea was very nice and pleasant to deal with. The entire staff was very knowledgeable.” – F.R.

“I had a great experience with our attorney.” – D.P.

“Maria was an excellent helper. She did great work.” – A.K.

“Literally from the moment I entered the conference room, I received personal attention from your group! You answered countless questions with patience and kindness.” – S.S.

“I have had no bad experiences with Lanier Law Group. Everything has been excellent. If I ever need a lawyer, I promise you it will be with them.” – B.W.

“Angela Ebert was very helpful through the whole case.” – K.A.

"Everyone I spoke with were very nice and friendly. Shelly, Chelsea and Nancy were very professional and helpful with my case” – L.W.

“Both Nancy and Shelley are very professional and made diligent efforts with keeping me informed about my case. Overall, I am satisfied with my experience and interactions with the staff.” – K.G.

“Shea and Jason were very thorough and respectful and extremely personable. Entire staff is amazing!” – G.B.

“My experience with Lanier Law Group was absolutely fabulous. I would refer you guys to anybody.” – L.F.

“Angela has been very compassionate and hard working while working on my case. Her ability to multi-task the stressful job of handling/adjusting a car accident case claim and keeping me at ease and patient without empty promises is amazing! Thank you!” – L.Y.

"Nancy was very efficient and explained every detail in my claim. She was very pleasant. She was very nice about everything that we wanted to know." — C.B.

"Shea and Jason gave excellent feedback and cooperation in helping to get my matter settled." — T.V.

"Brenda, our attorney and staff were very helpful and answered all my questions promptly." — M.J.

"I was 100% confident with our attorney's consultations and direction. He was sincere, warm and a great listener. He took great care and time with me. I felt like I was his only client! There were no surprises and I will definitely ask that Lanier Law Group handle my 2nd car accident. Several other associates were spot on and diligent. Thank you!" — A.B.

"Shelley and Chelsea were very nice and helpful." — L.M.

"Everything went well with no problems." — D.W.

"Julie, Brenda and Chelsea were all very pleasant and quick to respond any time that I had a question. Very nice!" — A.S.

"Julie and Brenda were all excellent and very patient with me!" — A. S.

"I was well pleased with the members of the staff that I dealt with. They handled everything well."—R. C.

"Everyone was very nice and understanding with any questions that I had. They were all very polite." — M. R.

"Maria stayed in contact with me, always returned my calls and was always knowledgeable about my case. Keep doing what you are doing!" — L. J.

"Jason and Shea were both very knowledgeable and very helpful with my case, especially since I’ve never had to file a lawsuit before." — A. P.

"My experience has been excellent with everyone I have been in contact with at Lanier Law Group." — J. Q.

"Maria was always there to answer any questions and she was always very friendly." — T. P.

"I am very thankful for both Shea and Jason who helped me tremendously. They were able to answer all of my questions. I am very well pleased with the results of choosing Lanier Law Group to represent me." — T. F.

"I had a good experience with Elizabeth and Amy who helped me with the thousands of questions that I had. If anything ever happens to anyone I know, I will definitely recommend Lanier Law Group. Thank you all so much." — J. W.

"I must say that all members of the team were very cordial and understanding. Any questions or concerns I had were always answered. I truly felt comfortable with all team members handling my family’s case." — Y. T.

"Fernando was extremely helpful and professional, Jason called regularly to check on my medical treatment, and Shea was very nice and helpful as well." — M. S.

"Robin and Elizabeth were extremely accessible via all communication streams. They followed up with me, even when I failed to do so, and answered all questions and concerns promptly." — N. T.

"Julie and Brenda were extremely nice each time I spoke with them. They were both very helpful at answering all of my questions and acknowledging my concerns. I’m grateful and happy I went with Lanier Law Group. Continue doing what you are doing. Great firm and very family oriented." - C. S.

"Elizabeth was very professional and detailed. She explained every step and she had a lot of patience. Thank you." — W. H.

"The entire Greensboro office was very helpful and proactive in dealing with my case. I received calls frequently checking on my status and condition. Peter did an excellent job exploring everything from start to finish. The entire staff was always friendly and willing to help in any way." — B. N.

"Shea kept me up to date on my case. She always treated me with a friendly mood and was very respectful to me. I was very impressed with the way my case was handled." — L. C.

"Elizabeth was a great help throughout the entire process. She was always available when I called and was able to answer any questions that I had. She was always easy to reach, both by phone and email." — S. T.

"Julie, Brenda and Amy were very professional, pleasant and treated me with genuine kindness throughout this process."- K. P.

"I fired the attorney team from Crumley Roberts and switched to you guys. I would do it again and again. There is no comparison. Thank you for your professionalism, courtesy and help, Jason, Shea and Parker." — L. B.

"Brenda and Brandy were very professional, compassionate and concerned." — J. E.

"Parker was always very concerned about my well-being. He was very professional, well-mannered and honest. Everyone helped as much as possible, especially Jason, who called about eight hundred times to stay in touch." — K. C.

"Every member that I spoke with was well-informed, helpful and has a positive attitude." - B.C.

"I had a great experience with everyone handling my case; everyone was always nice when I had a question." - D.B.

"My experience with Lanier Law Group, P.A. was very good. I have no complaints." - A.D.

"My experience with Fernando was excellent, very fast and an easy process." - K.V.

"I really appreciate Amy taking the time out to explain how the settlement worked. She always returned calls and emails in a timely fashion." - A.P.

"Andy and Brandy kept me informed about my case. I knew what was going on with my case. They were also very professional. I would recommend anyone who needs a lawyer to go to Lanier Law Group, P.A." - A.H.

"Excellent...great individuals to work with..." - J.J.

"Brenda was very friendly and willing to help improve customer satisfaction in any way possible. Definitely a good asset to Lanier Law Group, P.A." - T.P.

"Everyone helped out very greatly. I want to thank the entire staff for all their hard work." -M.M.

"I had a great experience with these individuals; they always kept me in the loop and made sure I understood everything." - L.B.

"Very helpful every time they called me or any time I called with questions. I have never been through this before and hope not to ever again but will call or refer friends." - S.A.

"She was very prompt in contacting me whenever new information became available." - J.J.

"Erica was very good. She kept in contact with us and let us know what was going on. It was wonderful having someone so courteous and could speak Spanish. Thanks for everything, Erica." -A.N.

"They took the time to explain different situations; she has also returned my calls in a timely fashion. She tried harder to ensure my settlement was more." -S.J.

"No problems with the service received, very satisfied with the handling of my case." -N.P.

"Nancy was always professional and prompt with providing information and clarity. Overall staff was very interactive, courteous and professional." -K.C.

"Maria was always here to answer any questions and always very friendly." -T.P.

"My experience has been excellent with everyone I have been in contact with at Lanier Law Group, P.A." -J.Q.

"They were very knowledgeable and very helpful with my case, especially since I had never had to file lawsuit before." -A.P.

"They were very helpful keeping up to date and explaining every question I had." - C.G.

"I was very pleased and satisfied with my service." - S.W.

"Stayed on top of things & was very responsive." - A.C.

"They kept me informed on everything and were very friendly." - L.F.

"Keep up the good work; everything was great from start to the end." - N.G.

"They have an excellent staff." -S.D.

"I had a very good experience with all parties, very nice and will use this law group again in the future." - D.B.

"Outstanding in all manners of law, including the staff members." -C.M.

"Everyone that I talked to was very nice, friendly and knew what they were talking about. They explained in detail what I needed to know." -S.K.

"They have pleasant staff, they returned all my calls promptly and worked diligently on my behalf and I had a speedy settlement."- D.H.J.

"Shelly was really comforting during our experience. Every person at Lanier Law Group, P.A. is wonderful!" -C.M.

"Everyone I spoke with was very helpful and courteous." -P.H.

"Every phone call has been promptly responded to email communication has been quick as well. Everyone has answered my questions and helped me feel at ease through this process." -J.F.

"From the initial phone call with Shea things were great. Jason and Bud also helped with answering all of my questions." -L.B.

"They have made this experience unbelievably easy and stress-free and I couldn't be happier. I was really laid up and I was financially and physically stressed, but they made everything very easy for a 24 year old crippled man." -B.H.

"Everyone I talked to was great. They were nice and informative." -T.H.

"They have good professional, yet personable staff." -B.P.

"Your staff has been great. I even referred my sister to you all. Elizabeth was very efficient and worked in a timely manner. Thank you for all the work you've done." -N.N.

"Brandi was very professional in all my dealings; she is patient and kept me informed." -M. A.

"She was so patient, and never minded my questions. She made sure to keep me in the loop and even called to check on me when I was all beat up after the wreck. It felt nice to be thought of in such an incredibly stressful time." -K.J.

"She is always doing her job and is always very kind and courteous." -T.F.

"Everyone was very professional in their dealings with me. Everything was explained very well so I could understand."- R.L.

"Love these folks. Lanier Law Group, P.A. will really take care of you if you are in an accident or need help with a workers' comp claim!!!" –A.C.

"Lanier Law Group, P.A. is the best place in Charlotte for your accident representation needs. Lanier Law Group, P.A. es el mehor lugar en Charlotte para representacion legal en accidentes." — Jacob

"My experience with this firm was Amazing. I was involved in an accident where the driver fled the scene. I had very little information on the person that hit me but the case manager and insurance adjuster were able to track this person down. Not only did I receive assistance with getting my car fixed but my case manager pointed me in the right direction to receive medical care, the in-house adjuster with this firm negotiated directly with the insurance company and was able to get me a nice little settlement. Very happy with this firm and I would recommend them to anybody." — Name Withheld

"Lanier Law Group, P.A. is very experienced when it comes to Workers' Comp cases as well as auto accidents. Every time I've been to the office everyone there was very helpful. The Charlotte office is really nice and in a convenient location right off 85. They have always answered any of my questions and I look forward to working with them in the future." –Bradley

"Respectful firm with great people/ I know where to turn to when I have been injured." — Heather

"The people at Lanier Law Group, P.A. really put their clients first. If you need help, check these people out." — M.

"Nice to know when you are injured in an accident that they can get you the treatment you deserve even if you don't have any health insurance of your own. Made my life better." — Robin

"I highly recommend Lanier Law Group, P.A. for help with wrongful death claims. They will go above and beyond what is expected and really make folks feel comfortable during a very difficult time. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family. Wonderful group of people!!" - A.C.

"The attorneys and staff at Lanier Law Group, P.A. did a great job for me from start to finish, even when they had to fight to get what I deserved." — Steve

"Excellent attorneys with top-rate education and years of experience in the field." - Name Withheld

"Excellent work and professional people who know what they are doing!" — S.M.

"The folks at Lanier Law Group, P.A. will hook you up! They're the best!" — Name Withheld

"Lanier Law=Awesome." — Name Withheld

"Very professional and caring." - A.P.

"Love these folks! They do such a wonderful job and really care about their clients! Will certainly use them again if needed." — Name Withheld

"This is a top-rate law firm in Greensboro, NC. If you need legal assistance after any sort of accident, or death of a loved one due to an accident, Lanier Law Group does a fantastic job." — Name Withheld

"The folks at Lanier Law Group have their act together! They make getting back on track after an accident so much easier and they really care about their clients. I have referred all my friends to them!" — A.W.

"This was my first experience with any attorney, and I was very satisfied with Lanier law Group. My case manager answered all of my questions promptly, and helped set me up with appointments. I wasn't sure what to expect, but everyone that I had contact with made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Hopefully I will never be in another accident, but if I am, I will certainly go back to Lanier." — Donna

"Fantastic workers! If you need compensation for accidents that result in injuries I would entrust my case to this excellent firm." — Jacob

"Had a simple rear end accident-I focused on my doctors' appointments and I let Lanier do the rest." — Robin

"Melissa, Thank you so much for many things regarding Gail’s case, but the first thing I will mention is your kindness, followed by patience and more kindness extended. You were wonderful and I wanted you to know that." — Steve

"From the beginning, Shea was very professional and kind. She let me know what to expect throughout this process because it was my first accident. Natasha has been very helpful and nice due to my frequent phone calls. She kept me up to speed with everything. Also the receptionist always welcomed me with a smile that made everything that much easier. From my experience with Lanier, the handling of my case was excellent from beginning to the end. I would have Lanier Law Group to represent me anytime in the future." — Quavadas

"Everyone did an excellent job. Everyone that helped me was very nice and helpful. I appreciate everything that was done. Thank you all!" — Janice

"Everyone in general was very helpful, especially Jenn and Alyssa!" — Terry

"Amy, Elizabeth and Kim have been very helpful and explained in detail every part of this legal process. Plus they were very friendly and easy to reach with any questions." — Deborah

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  • Workers' Compensation Claim A worker's compensation claim where client was doing framework and the nail gun that he had on his waist shot misfired and fired into his right knee. Client had to have surgery to remove the nail. Employer is claiming there was no employer/employee relationship.
  • Personal Injury Claim A personal injury claim involving a bus driver who battered and assaulted two minors. One minor has a possible mental health issue caused by the attack. The second minor jumped in to help, and driver struck her as well.
  • Car Accident Claim A car accident claim where our client, a police officer, was struck in the rear while on duty, by a drunk driver.
  • Workers' Compensation Claim A worker's compensation claim where client slipped and fell on ice, injuring his left knee and right hip. Client had to have hip replacement surgery and received a 25 percent rating on his knee.
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  • “She was very professional, kept me completely involved and updated with everything. Awesome job done.”

    - T.D.

  • “Maria stayed on top of everything with updates, etc.”

    - J.M.

  • “Very good communication throughout my case. Brenda paid great attention to my case and kept me up to date.”

    - T.P.

  • “Both attorneys involved were very informative and walked me through my case every setp of the way. They answered any questions and concerns I had whenever they cam up. I was very nervous and skeptical at the beginning but that quickly changed.”

    - J.B.

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