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Workers' compensation is a state-run program designed to provide compensation to employees who suffer injury or illness on the job. If you have been injured at work, you should speak with an attorney about filing for benefits through the North Carolina workers' compensation system. To recover Workers' compensation benefits, you must establish two things:

  1. You were employed when the injury took place.
  2. The injury was a direct result of your employment. This means your injuries must have been caused by the tasks you were required to perform as part of your job.

Examples of workers' comp accidents

Construction accidents are responsible for the filing of many workers' comp claims each year in North Carolina. Ladder and scaffolding falls and falling debris are especially dangerous for construction workers. These types of accidents can cause severe head and back injuries.

Workers also can suffer injury because of building collapses, radiation exposure, asbestos exposure and fires or explosions. Such accidents are capable of causing life-changing injuries, so victims should always talk to an experienced lawyer before filing for workers' compensation.

Types of workers' compensation benefits

Workers' compensation benefits pay for current and future medical costs resulting from your injuries as well as lost wages. Many people who suffer an injury are no longer able to work, at least for a while. With the help of workers' compensation benefits, however, injured workers can continue to receive an income even though they are no longer able to work.

You should be aware that if you apply for workers' compensation benefits, you can’t sue your employer for additional damages in a civil lawsuit.

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At Lanier Law Group, P.A., we are committed to helping people throughout North Carolina take advantage of workers' compensation benefits. Our attorneys offer you:

  • Personal attention. At the Lanier Law Group, P.A., you’re a person, not a number. You work with an attorney whose goal is to help you receive the compensation you may deserve.
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  • Fierce defense. When you hire Lanier Law Group, P.A., you’re hiring a heavyweight. We fight tenaciously on your behalf in boardrooms and courtrooms throughout the state.

Whether your employer is obstructing your effort to receive benefits, your application for benefits has been denied or you simply need help in general, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced North Carolina workers' compensation attorney at our office today. We help clients throughout the entire state of North Carolina, and have offices in Burlington, Greensboro, Greenville, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, AshevilleFayetteville, Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte and Jamestown.

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When you have been injured on-the-job, you may be unsure of what to do. It’s likely that you have been forced to endure the costs of medical treatment and loss of income, so you should not hesitate to explore your rights to recover compensation from your employer through workers' compensation insurance. If your claim has been denied, you should know that this is not the end of the road. With the help of an experienced attorney from our firm, you may receive the compensation you may deserve, through appeals and a thorough investigation of your case. For additional information about the process of filing for workers comp and the benefits of doing so, visit our firm’s workers' compensation website today. There you will find the resources you need to pursue your claim.

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