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Representing Clients Diagnosed with Asbestos-Related Illnesses

Asbestos is a fibrous, naturally occurring material with heat- and fire-resistant properties. Because of this, it has a long history of use in the construction industry throughout the United States. Homes across the country were constructed with asbestos-containing materials, despite proof that the dangerous of asbestos have been documented—and covered up by the asbestos industry—since the turn of the 20th Century. Despite its known dangers, asbestos was used in a variety of products that were then distributed and sold throughout the U.S. up until the late 1970s. Today, asbestos is still not entirely banned in the U.S.

If you or someone you love was diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness or condition, such as asbestosis or mesothelioma, after continued and prolonged asbestos exposure, you may be entitled to compensation. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may have grounds for a workplace accident/injury claim or you may seek action against a specific manufacturer, distributor, or related entity. The North Carolina asbestos exposure lawyers at Lanier Law Group can help you determine your legal rights and options.

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How Does Asbestos Exposure Lead to Injuries & Illness?

When asbestos is agitated, it sends microscopic fibers into the air where they can then be inhaled. Once in the lungs, the tiny asbestos particles embed in the tissue surrounding the lungs. They can also embed in the tissue around the stomach, heart, or other parts of the body. These tiny fibers often remain unnoticed for many years until painful and harmful symptoms begin to appear.

While direct exposure to asbestos causes the most risk of asbestos-related illness, some scientists believe that even washing the clothes of a family member who worked with asbestos can increase the risk of mesothelioma and other similar conditions.

At Lanier Law Group, we have extensive experience helping individuals who were exposed to asbestos obtain fair compensation for their damages. When you work with us, you have a team of tireless fighters in your corner.

Exposure to Toxic Fumes

In addition to asbestos, construction workers are often exposed to other harmful substances. Modern construction methods involve the use of a variety of toxic chemicals, including those found in glues and solvents. Other toxic chemicals, such as benzene, are components of construction products, while still others, including dioxin, are byproducts of industrial processes.

Workers throughout the state of North Carolina who are regularly exposed to these chemicals may develop life-threatening diseases. If you have contracted an illness that you believe was caused by your job, you may be able to obtain workers' compensation in North Carolina.

Chemicals—such as benzene, dioxin, and those found in solvents and two-part glues—can cause the following injuries:

From our hard-working staff to our highly qualified attorneys, everyone at the Lanier Law is focused on helping you get the justice and fair recovery you are owed.

Advocating for Injured Workers Since 1997

If you are suffering the symptoms of an asbestos-related illness, such as mesothelioma, or if your loved one has been exposed to toxic fumes while on the job, reach out to Lanier Law Group right away for a free legal consultation and case evaluation. We understand what you are going through, as well as the challenges that lie ahead. Our North Carolina asbestos exposure lawyers are prepared to aggressively advocate for you and your full recovery.

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