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Widow Asked to Produce More Evidence in Nursing Home Negligence Case

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Losing your loved one is never easy, but it is heartbreaking when it is the result of nursing home negligence.

In Nevada, an 83-year-old widow is suing the nursing home where her husband was a patient after he lost his life prematurely and with extreme pain. While the first judge to hear her case granted a pre-trial summary judgment, this decision was overruled by the state's Supreme Court. The higher court stated that the lower court should have granted a continuation to give the widow more time to gather additional evidence for her case.

While it is noted in the autopsy report that her husband had developed bedsores so severe that they caused fatal sepsis, the court said that she had not provided enough evidence to point fingers at the nursing home. The widow now hopes to prove that the nursing home not only didn't rotate his body to prevent the bedsores, but often left her husband to lie in his own waste, both circumstances being signs of nursing home negligence.

If someone close to you has suffered due to nursing home negligence, contact the Lanier Law Group, P.A. today to enlist the advice and guidance of a North Carolina personal injury attorney who is familiar with the signs of elderly abuse and neglect. In some cases, you may be allowed to seek monetary damages by moving forward with a personal injury case.

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