Raleigh Auto Accident Lawyers Help Injured Pedestrians Get Compensation

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Whether you walk, run, jog or bike, you deserve to feel safe. Unfortunately, many motorists in Raleigh - and throughout North Carolina - do not obey traffic laws and do not give pedestrians the right of way. We at Lanier Law Group, P.A. will act as legal champions for any pedestrian who is struck by a car, truck or other motor vehicle.

Our car accident attorneys have developed a well-earned reputation for treating clients with compassion and adversaries with aggression. If you need the guidance of a legal heavyweight, schedule an appointment at one of our many offices.

Types of pedestrian accident injuries

Pedestrian accidents occur when motorists fail to pay attention to stop signs, crosswalks and intersections. An auto accident involving a pedestrian can lead to serious injuries and even death. At Lanier Law Group, P.A., our dedicated North Carolina auto accident lawyers have a deep understanding of the law and pursue damages for victims with tenacity.

Our experienced team of injury lawyers helps pedestrians who suffer the following injuries in auto accidents in Durham, Raleigh or anywhere else in NC:

  • Head injuries are common in pedestrian accidents. Depending on the speed of the car when it strikes a pedestrian, it can cause a minor concussion, a life-changing traumatic brain injury or death.
  • Neck injuries are also widely reported in pedestrian accidents. Many victims experience symptoms similar to whiplash. Serious neck injuries can lead to paralysis and death.
  • Back injuries are among the more serious consequences of pedestrian-related auto accidents in Burlington. Many pedestrian accidents leave victims with long-lasting pain. If you suffer damage to your spinal cord after being hit by a car, seek assistance from a team of respected attorneys as soon as possible.
  • Broken bones, including hands, feet, arms and legs can result from a collision with a car or truck.

Auto accidents in Greensboro and throughout North Carolina happen on a daily basis. When they are caused by negligence and result in serious injury to innocent pedestrians, Lanier Law Group, P.A. is ready to act. If you are struggling to pay costly medical bills after being hit by a motor vehicle, let our experienced legal team stand up for your rights.

Hire a heavyweight if you’ve been hurt in a pedestrian accident

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