Radio Spotlights
with Lisa Lanier
Jared & Katie in the Morning and Two Guys Named Chris

Jared & Katie in the Morning

First taking to the airwaves in 2012, Jared and Katie of Jared and Katie in the Morning had heard Attorney Lisa Lanier’s segment on their sister station’s morning show. Impressed with her radio presence and legal skill, they invited her to appear regularly on their own show to discuss trending, off-the-wall legal stories and celebrity legal troubles. And just like that, Attorney Lanier was designated as the show’s “Official Attorney.”

From a librarian who was arrested for stealing $1.3 million in toner to a woman who sued her boyfriend for not proposing after 8 years, Attorney Lanier has dissected a vast catalog of zany legal news stories. She looks forward to coming back every week to join the show’s staff: Katie, Jason Goodman, Man Kisser Matt Wells, and Hugs O’Houlihan.

To listen to Attorney Lanier’s take as the show’s “Official Attorney,” tune in every Thursday at 8:35 a.m. EST.

  • Fan Denied Entry Into Phillies Game After Trying To Bring In Emotional Support Alligator
  • The Murdaugh Murders
  • Drew Barrymore Rushed Off Stage After Approached By Stalker

Two Guys Named Chris

Attorney Lisa Lanier appears regularly on The 2 Guys Named Chris Show, a morning radio show created more than 15 years ago. In 2008, Chris Kelly approached Attorney Lanier to offer her a recurring spot on a segment called Lawyer Up. Armed with extensive legal knowledge, Attorney Lanier was the perfect candidate for the job and decided to give it a try.

From the very first segment, there was great chemistry between Attorney Lanier and the guys: Chris Kelly, Chris Demm, Biggie, and Dave Aiken. Every week since, she has returned to 2 Guys Named Chris to speak on whatever legal news is trending — but never anything too serious.

Listeners can tune in to hear Lawyer Up live every Friday at 8 a.m. EST. The show is also turned into podcasts to be enjoyed on demand.

  • CrimeCon Recap With Lisa Lanier
  • Court Clerk in Murdaugh Trial Under Fire for Jury Tampering Allegations
  • BRITA faces lawsuit for alleged deceptive water filter packaging

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