Birth Injuries

Birth Injury Lawyers in North Carolina

Seeking Justice on Behalf of Your Child & Your Family

Bringing a child into this world is one of the greatest joys a person can experience. When you go to the hospital to have your baby delivered, you trust that you are in good hands. The reality is that hospitals and doctors make mistakes; under certain circumstances, you may need a birth injury lawyer.

If you believe your child has suffered a birth injury at the hands of a healthcare professional, Lanier Law Group, P.A. wants to be your voice. Our distinguished legal team has the resources, experience, and knowledge to help you bring a lawsuit against whoever may have caused your baby harm.

Contact us online or call (855) 757-4204 for a free consultation and more information on filing a birth injury claim in North Carolina.

Who Is Responsible in Birth Injury Cases?

Negligence can occur anywhere. Nonetheless, it is arguably most tragic when it occurs in hospitals—the very place people go for medical treatment and care. At Lanier Law Group, our tenacious lawyers are prepared to pursue damages against whoever may have caused your child's birth injury.

In our experience, we have found that the following parties are often to blame:

  • Delivery doctors
  • Delivery nurses
  • Maternity care nurses
  • Surgeons

These are only a few of the individuals who may be responsible for causing harm to your baby. Virtually anyone who works at a hospital, or even the hospital itself, can cause a birth injury.

What Are the Top Causes of Birth Injuries in North Carolina?

As a parent or parent-to-be, you need to know what poses a danger to your newborn during delivery. This may be hard due to how many causes of birth injury there are, however, knowing the top causes of birth injuries will help you get a sense of what can happen. The moment you suspect that your baby has suffered a birth injury, you should seek help from a skilled birth injury lawyer. Our firm works quickly to gather evidence, including relevant medical records, to build a strong case that may help you obtain compensation.

Some of the most common causes of birth injuries include:

  • Failure to diagnose maternal complications
  • Improper prenatal care
  • Negligence during labor and/or delivery
  • Misuse of birth assistance tools
  • Failure to monitor an infant/mother’s vital signs
  • Failure to order a timely C-section
  • Failure to recognize and respond to signs of fetal distress

These examples represent only a fraction of the myriad causes of birth injuries. In most cases, a medical professional’s negligence or carelessness is the root cause. At Lanier Law Group, we believe that this is unacceptable.

Our North Carolina birth injury lawyers are prepared to fight for the justice and recovery you, your child, and your family deserve.

Cases We Handle

Our firm is experienced in a wide variety of birth injury matters, including cases involving:

Can I Sue the Hospital for a Traumatic Birth?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Sometimes a birth is traumatic because of conditions that are outside the control of your doctor and other medical professionals. However, if your birth experience was traumatic because of medical negligence, you may have the right to sue the hospital, the doctor, or others assisting with the labor and delivery. Our NC birth injury attorneys are available to listen to your story and help determine if you have a claim for damages.

Standing up for Injury Victims in North Carolina since 1997

When a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other negligent party injures your baby, Lanier Law Group is prepared to fight for your right to compensation.

We have multiple offices located throughout North Carolina, including Asheville, Charlotte, and Raleigh. We offer our legal services on a contingency fee basis, so you owe us nothing unless you obtain a settlement.

To schedule a free initial consultation with one our skilled North Carolina birth injury attorneys, call us at (855) 757-4204 or contact us online.

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