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Learning from the PI Pros - A Master Class in Personal Injury Cases 

Friday, February 16, 2024 

This seminar is meticulously designed to tackle pivotal elements of personal injury law specific to North Carolina. It offers invaluable perspectives on case intake, insurance coverage, discovery procedures, handling tractor trailer cases, managing major injury cases, premises liability matters, and crafting settlement agreements.

Esteemed speakers with extensive expertise in the field, including our very own Don Higley,  guarantee that attendees will acquire actionable insights and effective strategies to adeptly navigate the intricate nuances of these legal domains.

Participate in this essential seminar tailored for personal injury practitioners, promising a day devoted to learning, networking, and professional advancement. Seize this opportunity to stay abreast in your legal practice and forge connections with peers from across the state. 

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Early Thanksgiving at Homeless Shelter

A homeless shelter isn't the typical venue for legal consultations, unless you work for Lanier Law Group. The law practice, with 10 offices in North Carolina, has taken an interest in helping the homeless. On a typical week, attorneys with the firm stop in to help qualifying people apply for disability. Homeless people in Gastonia received an added gift from the firm Wednesday in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Attorneys, and their families, prepared homemade chicken pot pies with a slew of sides and desserts. Read More.

Bone Marrow Donor

In the winter of 2009, Lanier Law Group employee Reuben Proctor was at a blood drive at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC put on by the American Red Cross. Reuben saw a booth set up for a program called Be The Match. He looked into it and saw that it was a registry for people to be bone marrow donors. He saw that one in 500 people on the registry actually go on to donate bone marrow. He signed up by doing a cheek swab, and giving them his contact information, and thought, “What’s the chance I’ll actually get called to donate?”

In March 2014, Reuben got an email letting him know that he was a possible match for someone who needed a transplant, and wanting to know if he was still interested. Reuben contacted the National Marrow Donor Program and let them know he was still interested in donating. After doing some additional screening, he has been identified as a perfect match for a young child who has a very serious illness, with a very small life expectancy if a transplant is not received.

Reuben will be donating to the young child in the coming few weeks, and if the transplant works, the young one will have a chance to live a full life.

Ronnie & Phyllis Get Hitched

Ronnie Poteat sat in the corner by the wall of windows Tuesday, wearing a borrowed suit, borrowed tasseled shoes and a red rose pinned to his lapel.

He had just gotten married to Phyllis Foust, a woman he had defended, helped, fed and lived with for more than 30 years. They had talked about marriage forever. But they never went through with it until Tuesday at the Interactive Resource Center, the local go-to spot for anyone who is homeless.

A local law firm that has helped Ronnie and Phyllis also found a dress, a veil, a dark suit and two places that agreed to cut and style the couple’s hair for free. The law firm got the rings, too.


Our very own Jacob Goad co-founded Face-to-Face Greensboro, an organization that brings Face-to-Face young people together by bridging gaps in the community. Face-to-Face provides space for voices to be heard and information to be shared, ultimately creating a more vibrant, more connected, more culturally rich Greensboro. They are partnering with Syner-G to hold a City Council Meet 'n Greet, where the community is encouraged to come out and meet their representatives. This event will be help at Blue Zoom at 230 South Elm Street in Greensboro, NC on February 23 at 7:30 p.m.

Art for Hospice

Lisa Lanier is a founding board member of Art for Hospice, a nonprofit organization, which provides art supplies to local schools all over North Carolina. The students create works of art and Lisa and other volunteers distribute the works of art to hospices, VA Hospitals, and nursing homes all over North Carolina. Lanier Law Group, P.A. participated in the annual fundraiser for Art for Hospice on February 8, 2012 at the California Pizza Kitchen in Durham, NC. Several members of our staff and their families gathered to help raise funds for this organization.

Guilford Green Foundation

Lanier Law Group, P.A. just announced its sponsorship for the 5th annual Women's Party benefiting The Guilford Green Foundation. This event is being held February 17th at The Empire Room of the Elm Street Center in Downtown. The Guilford Green Foundation is a granting organization that has given over $550,000 in ten years to organizations whose funded projects accurately align with GGF's mission and are making a positive impact in the region. Several members of the Lanier Law Group, P.A.'s staff will be in attendance, as this fundraiser is a way to network with other female business owner's in the community.

Jacob Goad

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We Fight for Our Clients

*Featured Case Results, Settlements, & Trial Wins From Our Attorneys
  • $5.95 Million Permanent Brain Failure

    Our client had a brick fly off of a utility trailer and go through their windshield and hit her on the face.

  • $4.8 Million Settlement

    A case with multiple plaintiffs who were potentially exposed to a deadly disease while in the hospital.

  • $4.3 Million Head-On Collision

    Personal injury litigation settlement for a client who was involved in a head-on collision with a commercial tractor-trailer.

  • $3.1 Million Birth Injury/Hypoxic Brain Injury

    The OB doctor’s negligence caused a delay in the baby’s birth which resulted in the baby suffering of a severe hypoxic brain injury.

  • $1.8 Million Litigation Settlement

    Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a meat truck.

  • $1.375 Million Medication Overdose/Hospital Negligence

    Our client died following an overdose of medication that occurred as a result of the negligence of the nursery staff while they were in the hospital.

We Never Back Down From a Fight

Featured Reviews, Testimonials & Results
    "20 out of 10 stars."
    There are times in your life you are so hurt and feel life has a grudge against you. Nothing in your life is going right. I lost the most important person in my life to death, of which I knew mistakes were made because I witnessed it with my own eyes. When you contact a law group you most of the time get all business and a matter of fact conversation. I want all to know that from the first phone call they listened to my lengthy story, sobbing most of the time with so much compassion. They never made any promises but offered assurances that no stone would be unturned. They fulfilled every word they said. They restored faith that I had lost. Until you are in a position like mine you can never know how invaluable Lanier Law Group is. They were wonderful while maintaining their professionalism. They treated me like a family member. They really do care about their clients. But most of all they are the best at what they do. I worked in the court system for years so I knew how attorneys and law firms basically operated. Understanding the law and it's interpretation is the ultimate key to winning any case. Also know that if an attorney/attorneys study and review your case and know that you don't have a chance in a court of law and are big enough to tell you that instead of giving you false hope, you then my friend have a group with valuable shared values. I have so much respect for everyone in this Law Group. I recommend Lanier Law Group, P.A. to anyone who needs representation, they are in your corner. 20 out of 10 stars.
    - Diane W.
    "Lanier Law Group will always be the choice for me and all my family members"
    I started working with Lanier Law Group in 2020 on my Social Security Disability case. They from start to finish were awesome. My case manager Janet Hanks and attorney, Ashley Sappenfield were always available to answer all my questions. I did not have to do much but sit back and let them handle whatever was needed. My case took too long (2 years) and if I did not have Janet and Ashley My case would still not be approved. I would recommend Lanier to anyone to get the job done and approved. Do not go to another firm with your case, who promise the world and do not see it to completion and do not think another firms would have worked as hard as they did on my case. Lanier Law Group will always be the choice for me and all my family members to handle any cases of this type and other legal services they provide. They went above and beyond!
    - Phillip J.
    "So thankful for your expertise and professionalism"
    Mrs. Gonzalez did an awesome job of explaining everything in detail and keeping me informed on the status of my case. Despite poor customer service with the insurance company, Mrs. Gonzalez was able to fix what they could not. Mrs. Gonzalez was very helpful with helping me understand things that I was not aware of when dealing with insurance claims. I am so thankful for her expertise and professionalism.
    - Mario H.
    "Always ready to answer any questions I may have"
    The staff kept me well informed in a more than timely manner and was always ready to answer any questions I may have.
    - Timothy M.
    "The Lanier Law Group provided excellent customer service!"
    The Lanier Law Group provided excellent customer service! My main contact was Denise.
    - Malinda P.
    "Great experience"
    Great experience. Tish was very helpful as my case progressed and explained all of the steps to me, leaving me with very few questions. Shea was also very helpful during the negotiation process.
    - Nyesha B.

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