Durham Social Security Disability Lawyers Help Claimants Older Than 50

Passionate advocacy for disabled North Carolina residents

Age is one of factors used by the Social Security Administration when reviewing applications for benefits. If you are older than 50 and disabled, different rules apply to your situation than if you were younger. Since 1995, we at Lanier Law Group, P.A. have worked diligently to assist residents of Durham and throughout North Carolina with every step of the SSDI process. We recognize how important qualifying for SSDI is for you. Our experienced lawyers are prepared to fight for your rights from start to finish. To meet with one our lawyers, stop by our office today.

Older workers need a heavyweight in their corner

The Social Security Administration recognizes that work opportunities diminish as a person gets older. At Lanier Law Group, P.A., we have represented countless clients older than 50 seeking Social Security Disability benefits. We have an in-depth understanding of the SSAs definition of total and permanent disability and the most common reasons applications are denied.

Typically, the SSA considers the following factors when determining if a person older than 50 should receive Social Security Disability:

  • Age: According to the SSA, if you are approaching advanced age (50-54), the Social Security Administration will acknowledge that your age, along with a serious disability and limited work experience, may seriously affect your ability to obtain employment.
  • Education: If you are disabled and have a limited education, you may not be able to obtain many types of employment.
  • Limited work experience: Have you done mostly physical labor or jobs that require a unique set of skills? If so, given your disability, you may have a hard time adjusting to other types of work.

No matter your age, if you suffer a severe disability and want to receive Social Security Disability, our Durham lawyers want to help you no matter where you live in the state. We can provide you with personalized legal guidance at every stage — from filing an application to appealing a denial.


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