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Settlement Reached in Wrongful Death Case

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The family of Zachary Allen Atkinson, 21, has reached a settlement with Tulance County for the wrongful death of their son this week.

According to attorney Brian Claypool, the county has agreed to pay $1.5 million to Atkinson's parents. The tragedy that took their son happened on Sept. 12, 2008 when TCSD Detective William Seymour pulled Atkinson over in an unmarked patrol car. He informed Atkinson that the motorcycle he was driving matched the description of a bike that had been reported stolen. Apparently, the two men got into a physical argument and, fearing for his life, Seymour shot Atkinson.

Eyewitnesses to the incident, however, were prepared to testify that something different had actually happened. Rather than go to trial, the county decided to settle instead. However, Jeff Forbes, a representative for the county, stated that the settlement decision did not mean that the county was admitting to any wrongdoing.

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