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Older Women Found to Mistake Gas Pedal for Brake

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A recent government study confirms some peoples' belief that older female drivers are more prone to make certain mistakes behind the wheel. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this demographic is more likely to confuse the gas pedal for the brake pedal and cause an accident. The study revealed that of the accidents in which the driver claimed to mistake the pedals, two-thirds were older female respondents. However, when looking at the sum total of car accidents, 60% were caused by male drivers. When it comes to gas pedal accidents, the two demographics most likely to cause an incident are people over the age of 76 and under the age of 20.

Auto accidents are caused by a variety of reasons, some of which are preventable and some, which are not. A large portion of accidents are avoidable, however, as they involve drivers being distracted by radios, cell phones, eating or talking to passengers.

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